What constitutes authentic Japanese whisky

Whisky fanatics and casual drinkers alike have fallen deeply in love with Japanese whisky for close to a decade now. Demand has skyrocketed to levels where the island nation’s largest whisky producers Suntory and Nikka have had to discontinue several long-running expressions and ramp up production at all their distilleries. Even craft whisky distilleries like Chichibu have had to expand … Read More

Wines of Málaga

The average visitor to Málaga may not be aware that it is a wine-producing region. The wine lists in the city’s tapas bars are replete with reds and whites from northern regions like Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra and Rueda, and if you ask for a ‘copa’ of wine, chances are you’ll be served a glass of one of these. … Read More

Sake and Its Production

Sake is made from fermented rice. It is also known as nihonshu in Japan. It is extremely popular in Japan and its popularity has grown worldwide due to international interests in Japanese cuisine. Quality rice, Yeast, koji mold, water, yeast are the foundations of sake. They go through a rigorous and precise process that can be costly and time-consuming. It … Read More

Whisky: Age Expressions versus No Age Statements

Age is just a number, or so the saying goes. No Age Statement whiskies are gaining in popularity and there’s little wonder why. A thirst for premium whiskies amongst connoisseurs and novices alike, and dwindling supplies have focused attention towards the production of No Age Statement whiskies. What are No Age Statement whiskies? As the name indicates, these are whiskies … Read More

Craft Whiskey from Western Australia – Whipper Snapper Distillery

Perth, the new frontier … for Whiskey? Australia has always been at the forefront of new world wine production, with Shiraz dominating the market and becoming an icon in the world of wines domestically and abroad. Spirits on the other hand hasn’t really took off until now. With a trendy pop culture of craft and artisanal beverages labelled as cool and hip, boutique distilleries are gaining … Read More

Khao Yai, Southeast Asia’s Hidden Wine Region

Think it’s impossible to plan a day trip to a wine region from Singapore? Think again. 160km North of Don Mueang International Airport in Thailand is where you would find the country’s famous wine region, Khao Yai. Boarding an early morning flight from Singapore, it will take you about 6 hours to reach your destination. There are splendid wine tours in … Read More

Italian Independent bottler : Samaroli

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands Scored an invite to this exclusive “Whisky & Rum” tasting last Friday and I must say it was truly an eye opener considering its limited exposure as compared to the wine scene in Singapore (Special thanks to Jeremy Ho, Restaurant Manager of NOX). Most whisky lovers would know, the Scots & Brits are the powerhouses in this arena. So how … Read More

Suntory’s Tomi no Oka Winery : Japan’s answer to still wines ?

Beer? Whiskey? How about try a bottle of Chardonnay. Japanese wines are not unheard of, but the usual suspects that make the headlines are renowned beers like Asahi Superdry, Kirin Ichiban or award winning whiskies like Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu (all under the Suntory brand). The Beverage Clique was at Praelum for a trade tasting jointly organised by Beam Suntory … Read More

Argentinian High Altitude Wines – Bodega TUKMA

Milagros Spanish Restaurant I had the honor of attending a trade tasting host by Mr. Paul Keng of KTT fine wines. Pretty decent turnout considering a few late comers but that didn’t dampen my mood of tasting some really interesting wines. Freshly air-flown from Calchaquí Valley of Argentina was Mr. Fernando Maurette, the chief winemaker of Bodega TUKMA. They pride themselves of … Read More

Cypriot Makkas Winery Tasting

Shangri-La. That’s the first thought that went through my mind as I strolled into the lobby. Cascading water features, lush greenery …. and a big ass pool. This must be what’s like to be rich & famous. Either that or you’re probably so knee deep in your wealth, you’re most likely a snob and Scrooge. I’m glad I was WRONG about all … Read More