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Scotch Whisky – one of the world’s most exclusive spirits from the highlands of Scotland.

They say to be a true connoisseur of Scotch Whisky, you must go beyond tasting the labels and gain an understanding about the distillation process and the rich history this unique drink is tied to appreciate the dram in front of you. This is a fact echo-ed by the hundreds of alumni from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy.

Of course, given the opportunity to travel to the Scottish highlands to learn about the craft of Scotch Whisky is the dream of all whisky lovers but for those who are unable to do that, The Beverage Clique presents the Certificate in Scotch Whisky from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy.


Founded in 2016, The Edinburgh Whisky Academy is the only centre for Scotch whisky education approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). This represents recognition of authenticity of their course materials held against rigorous and robust standards set by the Scottish government.

Spearheaded by Kirsty McKerrow, whose whole life has been involved in the Scotch business – her forefathers started Mackinlay’s Whisky in 1815, her father later on became the CEO of Glenmorangie – she established the Edinburgh Whisky Academy to fill a vital gap in the Scotch Whisky education market.

Similarly, in Singapore, The Beverage Clique recognised this demand for quality whisky education and decided to partner with EWA to onboard their Certificate in Scotch Whisky programme.

Sean Ou - Principal Educator of The Beverage Clique

Taught by our principal educator Sean Ou, this two day programme is an in-depth course recommended for all Whisky enthusiasts regardless of whether your goal is to change careers, upskill or to simply get more enjoyment from your favorite drams.

You will be able to build a strong foundation of your whisky knowledge and even pick up some insiders information!

In this course, you will discover about the intricate history and business of Scotch before covering the entire production process from raw materials to distillation, maturation and bottling.


Course Outline

  • Historical Development & Distillation of Whisky
  • The Business of Whisky
  • Raw Materials
  • Production Process
  • Batch Distillation
  • Maturation
  • Bottling
  • Grain distillation & Blending

The course ends with an one hour assessment testing you on your newfound knowledge with successful candidates being awarded an exclusive pin and certificate to recognise their efforts and passion in the world of Scotch Whisky.

For Whisky lovers who are keen to take up your drams and learn about the ins and outs of Scotch Whisky, click the button below to see our next available course dates for the Certificate in Scotch Whisky programme!

*This course is SkillFuture Credit claimable

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