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1 DAY (In-Person)

  • Course Overview

    It is ideal for those who wish to learn and discover world teas for either their pleasure and curiosity or to empower those working in retail stores, catering and tea hospitality or other positions in the tea industry.

    Great for chefs, pastry chefs, wine Sommeliers, baristas, mixologists, bartenders, nutritionists, restaurant servers who are new to tea.

    This class is great for those contemplating a career in "Tea Sommellerie"/ tea & food pairings, first-time employees in the tea industry to feel more confident when discussing, presenting and serving teas or for tea lovers boosting their knowledge about tea, various types, aromas and flavors.

  • Course Outline

    • What is Tea?
    • Main Tea varieties
    • Main Tea types
    • Are Climate, Soil, topography important for growing tea?
    • Important tea growing countries and regions
    • How is Tea processed?
    • One tea plant and Six Colors in the cup
    • What are the common characteristics
    • ITEI systematic Approach to tasting tea (Foundation Level)
    • Main tea utensils and tea preparation
    • Basics of pairing tea with food

  • Duration

    8 hours (1 day)

  • Course Assessment

    Successful completion of multiple choice exam of 30 questions

  • Entry Requirements

    Ideal for anyone interested in tea, there are no requisites for entering this program.
    Interested candidates may further learning in ITEI Level 2 in Tea.

  • Certification

    Upon successful completion of this Certification, students receive the following: ITEI Tea Level 1 Award In Teas™ Certificate

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