The Beverage Clique LLP (TBCL) shall reserve the rights to amend the Terms & Conditions, course contents and/or prices at its sole discretion, without prior notice.
TBCL reserves the rights to change tutors, reschedule the course or combine classes.


All prices quoted/indicated are in Singapore Dollars.
All prices quoted / indicated are inclusive of registration, tuition fee (classroom or online), study materials, wines, spirits or sake for tasting, and one (1) examination (if applicable). Wines, spirits or sake are not included for tasting for online learning programmes unless otherwise stated.
Course Funding / Subsidy

Singaporeans and Permanent Resident of Singapore may qualify for course fee funding / subsidy for certain courses offered by TBCL.
The funding / subsidy are offered by SSG and/or e2i. All funding and subsidy are subject to terms and conditions by the respective agencies. Funding / subsidy are not applicable if the terms and conditions from SSG and/or e2i are not met.
For course funding / subsidy offered by SSG, candidates and/or organizations are required to pay the net fee only, after deducting the funding / subsidy portion of the course fee.
For course funding / subsidy offered by e2i, candidates and/or organizations are required to pay the full course fee. Upon successful completion of the course, TBCL will reimburse the funding / subsidized portion of the course fee to the candidates and/or organizations.
In the event the candidates and/or organizations fails to meet the terms and conditions required by SSG and/or e2i, TBCL have the rights to recover any fee that was deducted as the funding / subsidy portion of the course fees.
In the event there is an error in calculating SSG and/or e2i funding / subsidy, TBCL have the rights to recover any outstanding course fee from the candidates and/or organizations.


Minimum attendance is required for Learners to complete the course of their choice. Documentary proof may be required for the period of absence, and Learners may be rescheduled AT THEIR OWN COST if they are unable to meet the minimum attendance requirement set by the various institutions.

Personal Information

The personal information collected in the application form will be used by TBCL to process your registration for course(s) and/or event(s).
Failure to provide any required information in the application may result in a delay in successfully registering your booking.
Your details will be kept confidential by TBCL and TBCL will not pass your information to a third party. Your details may be used to contact you and/or keep you informed of our events and courses. You consent TBCL to send you marketing, advertising, and promotional information through email, voice-call, text message and/or fax, in accordance to Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).
A copy of your personal information / application form may be given to our accredited programmes partners for examination purposes. It is to confirm that you may have previously attended and passed any relevant examination(s) in order to qualify for the course(s) and/or examination(s) that you are applying for.
Our accredited programmes partners may contact you directly relating to the course(s) or any marketing advertisement. Please inform TBCL if you do not wish to receive any marketing or promotion advertisement from our accredited programmes partners.

Booking and Payment

Booking / Registration refers to a placing for a specific course / event.
Booking is only confirmed when payment is received in full with the completed registration form.
Completed registration form(s) can be submitted via the following: Online registration form found on respective course pages.
Once the registration form and payment are received, TBCL will issue an invoice/receipt to the applicant.
If an organization is sponsoring the applicant(s), the invoice shall be made attention to the company. The organization or applicant must indicate on the registration form if the invoice is required to make attention to the company.
The organization remains liable to pay the full course fees, even when the applicant(s) leaves the organization for whatever reason, prior the commencement of the course and/or during the course period.
Booking is not confirmed when the payment is not received in full and/or incomplete registration form.
Payment can be made in one of the following manner: a) Cheque (for companies – 10 working days in advance): payable to THE BEVERAGE CLIQUE LLP. b) Bank Transfer – Payee: The Beverage Clique LLP
Bank: OCBC
Swift Code: OCBCSGSG (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited) Bank Code: 7339
Branch Code: 543
Account Number: 543124291001
For overseas transaction, please include an S$20/- bank fees.

Any outstanding amount remains payable upon billing, and will incur an interest of 2% per month.

Cancellation and Transfer

Once a booking is completed, cancellation will not be entertained. Any transfer of course and/or applicant must be requested via writing to TBCL. Any other form of communication will not be entertained.
The application to transfer the course or candidate will only be accepted if TBCL received the application fourteen (14) days prior the commencement of the course. If the application is approved, there will be an administrative charge of S$100 per course or per candidate for WSET® courses. For non-WSET® courses, the administrative charges will be $30 per course or per candidate.
If the application to transfer the course or candidate will requested less than fourteen (14) days, it will be subject to approval at the sole discretion of TBCL. If the application is approved, there will be an administrative charge of S$200 per course or per candidate for all accredited programmes. For non-accredited programmes, the administrative charges will be $50 per course or per candidate.
Should the candidate fail to turn up for the course, it will be deemed as the candidate wish to withdraw from the course. Full course fees will be forfeited.
TBCL has a “minimum 6 pax to commence course” clause and reserves the right to postpone or reschedule the course due to the minimum required number of candidates not being met.
TBCL reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or postpone the course in the event that the speaker is unable to turn up due to illness, accidents, emergency or disruption due to forces of nature.
Study packs / guides once dispensed will be considered sold and no refund will be entertained.

Consumption of Alcohol

Candidate(s) under the legal drinking age are not allowed to sample any alcohol in any course(s). However, it is not a barrier for any candidate to attend and complete some accredited programmes successfully.
Candidate(s), for religious, health or any other reason(s), who do not wish to sample any alcohol during the course, may do so.
Examination and Results (applicable to accredited programmes)

The examination date will be specific to the course the candidate registered for. Any request to change in the date of examination will only incur a charge similar to an examination re-sit fee.
Any candidate who did not turn upon the examination day will be deemed“Absent”with or without valid reasons (e.g. medical certificate). Should the candidate request for another examination day, it will incur a charge similar to an examination re-sit fee.
Candidate may re-sit for an examination, subject to an examination re-sit fee, should he/she fails the 1st examination. Candidate who has passed the examination may not re-sit for an improved grade.
At current,the re-sit fee is at S$250 per level 2 examinations & S$350 per level 3 examinations per person.
The candidate must show proof of identity, by form of identity card, driver’s license or passport to the management, facilitator, and/or examiner, on the day of examination. TBCL may not allow the candidate to sit for the examination if he/she fails to do so.
TBCL will send an email to the candidate notifying that results are released.Under no circumstances, the results will be communicated in other forms of communication.
Certificates & pins may be delivered via meetup upon request based on availability of TBCL staff and candidate.


Images and videos captured during this event may be used in our website, social media, other publicity material or at other events and may be provided to the media for local or national publication.

If you do not wish to have images of yourself publish or used for such purposes, please inform us in writing.