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DATE: 21st October 2021

TIME: 1700H - 1900H

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guest speaker : President of Nakashima Brewery

Straight from the little rustic town in the Gifu prefecture, comes Kozaemon, an exquisite sake label from a brewery with over 300 years of history. In this WAG exclusive masterclass, the 15th generation owner of the Nakashima Brewery, Nobuo Nakashima, will bring you on a journey to savour a variety of their representative sakes guaranteed to pleasantly surprise your tastebuds!


Kozaemon presents a diverse style with its Sake, maintaining the same spirit and commitment to traditional brewing techniques while infusing the ingenuity of each passing generation. This results in a nuanced profile across their range: the bold and rich tend to be latent with umami complexity, whilst the delicate expressions are soft and fruity. With Kozaemon, there’s always a Sake for every occasion.

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what you get for $50/-

Sake tasting set : Kozaemon

The Sake tasting set will include:

  • 100ml Kozaemon Junmai Yamadanikishi 65
  • 100ml Kozaemon Junmai Ginjo Miyama 55
  • 100ml Kozaemon Daiginjo
  • 100ml Junmai Yuzushu

Access : online masterclass

Access to the Masterclass with exclusive special deals for pre-orders of the Kozaemon range before its official launch in Singapore!

If you have any issues purchasing your ticket or have any enquiries about the masterclass, please WhatsApp or call +65 85886167.

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exclusive purchase deals : the beverage porter

Pre-order of 1 Bottle – 10% off

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Pre-order of 5 Bottles or more – 20% off

The exclusive promo codes to enjoy the above special offers will be released during the masterclass session. Be sure to stay tuned!

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