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SGD2800 nett per person

(inclusive of registration, study materials, tuition fees, samples for tasting and one sitting of examination)

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2 DAY (In-Person)

  • Course Overview

    The Master Sake Sommelier is the world’s highest sake sommelier qualification. Perfect for all students who believe they have what it takes to make themselves stand out on the world stage.

    This intense one-day course is designed to learn through tasting, service technique, food pairing, and anything required as Master Sake Sommelier. 3 exams will run through the day.

    Course applicants are required to review the sake making and existing sake knowledge. Pre-reading will be provided prior to the course.

  • Course Outline

    Course Contents:

    1. Master in Sake Tasting Introduction
    2. Master in Sake Tasting Test
    3. Master in Sake Service Techniques
    4. Master in Sake Food Pairing
    5. Master in Sake Buying & Sales Techniques
    6. Master in Sake List Making
    7. Examination (Paper & Tasting)
    8. Conclusion and Celabratory Tasting

  • Duration

    16 hours (2 days)

  • Course Assessment

    Examination runs throughout the day.

  • Entry Requirements

    At least an advanced level certification such as:

    - SSA Advanced Sake Sommelier
    - WSET Level 3 Award in Sake
    - Advanced Sake Professional (Sake Education Council)

  • Certification

    Successful candidates will receive their Master Sake Sommelier label pin and certificate as well as the right to use the post-nominals “M.S.S.”

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